Dynamic Standers

People who spend a great deal of time standing, or who need maximum access to their environment while standing can benefit from a mobile stander. A number of products available for both children and adults allow self-propulsion while the user is in a standing position. You should consult the ABLEDATA database and the other consumer information from ABLEDATA and other assistive technology information sources as well as your physician or a rehabilitation professional, to select a mobile standing unit appropriate for you.
Rifton Dynamic Standers are pre-ambulatory mobile standing aids for children 30 to 37 inches tall, 37 to 47 inches tall, and 47 to 60 inches tall respectively. The devices have a strapping system and contoured body support for a range of 0 to 100 percent weight bearing with optimal positioning for the user. The child stands on a platform supported by two rear casters and one front caster. The two large hand-propelled wheels on either side of the body board will roll in response to a slight, minimal effort. An adult version of the Dynamic Stander, is also available.


Walking is important to:

  • Improve/maintain muscle strength
  • Increase/maintain range of movement
  • Achieve upright posture
  • Increase exercise Tolerance
  • Develop the ability to make choices
  • Encourage self-esteem
  • Motivate the child

Adequate head control is a pre-requisite to walking.

Wheeled standing frames

These provide similar support to vertical standing frames but have large self propelled wheels which allow the child to move around in a standing position and to be at the same eye level as their friends.

However, these self propelled wheels make the standers large and difficult to manoeuvre in confined areas and may be more useful for outdoor play and to move around in school, between rooms.



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