Supine Standers

Supine standers support the posterior (back) surface of the body and offer lateral supports to maintain symmetry as well as anterior (front) straps or pads to position the feet, knees, and trunk. Most supine standers have an adjustable angle tray in front to support the arms and provide a work or play surface. Usually, the angle of the entire stander can be adjusted from horizontal (with the user on his/her back) to vertical. Most have casters for easier mobility. Supine standers, which are similar to tilt tables used in clinical settings to achieve a passive standing position, which stand fully upright are useful for users cannot stand fully upright. The supine category includes both frames and tables or boards. 

The Large Supine Board from Rifton Equipment, is a padded supine standing table for children and adults 46 to 72 inches tall. It is designed to support the user in a standing position when prone standing does not allow optimum positioning. This board is different from tilt tables; it gives users much greater control of the head, trunk, pelvis, knees, and feet, while it allows partial weight bearing. A person who lacks the strength or ability to lift or control the head and shoulders may find this standing aid ideal.



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