Standing Frames Review

The following section provides an evaluation of the good and ‘not so good’ features of 11 standing frames. A photograph of each stander is given, along with a description of its advantages and disadvantages as described by the manufacturer, by senior physiotherapists.

The following is a list of the frames evaluated in this study:

Type of frame

Prone standing frames
1) Lecky ‘Pronestander’
2) Taylor Therapy ‘Whirl’

Multi-adjustable standing frames
1) Jenx ‘Monkey’
2) Jenx ‘Humphrey’
3) R82 ‘Buffalo’
4) R82 ‘Gazelle’

Upright standing frames
1) Joncare ‘Varyflex’
2) Lecky ‘Totstander’
3) Lecky ‘Freestander’
4) Jenx ‘Rex’
5) Smirthwaite Sherbourne/Wentworth

Aims of this review:

The aims of this review were threefold:

  • To critically appraise the available research evidence for therapeutic standing within the paediatric physiotherapy setting.
  • To evaluate current practice and rationale for the provision of standing equipment.
  • To outline areas where further research is required and to make recommendations for future practice.


Current research articles were selected from a list provided by the Assisted Standing Group. Where possible the most up-to-date articles were sourced, along with several other seminal papers. This provided an overview of the current available research literature specific to standing in paediatrics. Next a short questionnaire was given to senior physiotherapists currently working with standing frames asking them to describe practical reasons relating to the design of the individual standing device and the clinical reasoning for using these frames with specific client groups.




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